Welcome to VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE INC. & VOWW-TV as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary – as one of the fastest growing GLOBAL multimedia website network communities, offering PR and multimedia, promoting strong voices for and of the “voiceless” around the world.  

For the past ten years, VOWW’s vision focuses on gender equality and female empowerment – for ordinary grassroots women and young girls working on incredible projects in their rural and urban communities.  It aims to “unite” members’ voices, with multimedia tools, databases and digital print, photography, radio and TV broadcast programs offering authentic stories as they express sharing global life-styles, in order to build thriving networks and prosperous entrepreneurial businesses via the Internet and create greater collective impact of positive happenings in their lives.

In the fifth year, VOWW invited members to take ownership of their personal lives, developing entrepreneurial and small businesses and become leaders of their own life-skills towards sustainability.   With “united voices,” let’s motivate and inspire women and young girls, to bring forth radical transformations in their shared lives around the world.

Review and join VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE INC. & VOWW-TV NETWORK at http://voicesofwomenworldwide-vowwtv.ning.com — It’s free and by invitation only.   Let’s find ways to avoid duplications in women’s work by refusing to “re-invent the wheel” ten-to-twenty-folds in fruitless labor with no financing, ending in failure and minute  successes.  Instead, let us join each others projects and maximize the potentials of what women can achieve.  It may seem like “a drop in the ocean …” but VOWW is here to assist in bringing about radical changes in the lives of women and young girls around the world !

Vinanti Castellarin, Founder/President, New York & 175+ countries  

Sharon Mather, Co-Founder – Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific …


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